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Home :: Scripts :: Perl Module Manager
Perl Module Manager(perlmod)
PERL Module Manager


a) We can install any number of modules in a single command. Also all dependent modules of these modules installed simultaneously.

b) Uninstall modules from the system

c) Print all files related to a module

d) List all perl modules installed in the system

e) List version of module installed in the system

f) Search for a module installed in the system

h) Search for a module in

If PERL Module Installation Script is not working , please contact us.



a) chmod 655 installer

b) ./installer

Note: Always run as a root user


perlmod [options] [module1] [module2] ...


-i, install, --install          => Install perl modules automatically

-d, delete, --delete        => Uninstall perl modules from the system

-f, file, --file                  => Print all files related to a module

-h, help, --help              => Print help about perlmod

-l, list, --list                   => List all perl modules installed in system

-m, module, --module    => List version of module installed in system

-c, cpan, --cpan            => Search for a perl module in

-s, search, --search      => Search for a perl module installed in system

-v, version, --version     => Shows perlmod version


install                        => perlmod -i Date::Calc SOAP::Parser Authen::NTLM::HTTP

uninstall                    => perlmod -d Date::Calc

module files              => perlmod -f Date::Calc

module details           => perlmod -m Date::Calc

list all modules          => perlmod -l

search in     => perlmod -c Date::Calc

search for a module   => perlmod -s Date::Calc

perlmod help             => perlmod -h

perlmod version         => perlmod -v

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