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Critical factors in Search Engine Optimization
1. Keywords in our Title Tag

Words in our title tag should contain attractive words. Important keywords should be bolded.It will attract visitors to our site while searching through search results.

2. Link Text in Inbound Links

The anchor text that is employed in the link that points to your web site from an external site counts a lot in the search engine algorithms to figure out what your site is all about. Additionally, what your site is all about defines to a large extent what keywords it will rank for in the search results.

If you can influence in any way the anchor text that other web sites employ when they link to you, then it's an extremely prudent way of investing your time.

A larger number of external sites that have links to your site employing a certain set of keywords, or alternate versions of that keyword, will prompt the SE's to more readily compute that your site is all about that specific keyphrase.

It's far more advantageous if the content of the destination page on your site contains that particular keyword and phrases similar in meaning.

3. Link popularity of our site

Search engines figure out the relative importance of a site from the volume of hyperlinks that point to the web site. They include both quality of hyperlinks and quantity of the hyperlinks.

The more different web sites that have links to your web site, the higher the SE's will calculate the deemed importance of your site.

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4. Internal Link Structure

The fact is that some of your web pages will get more external links than others. Those that do not get a lot of external links could be the actual money pages that you would wish to rank well in the SE indexes.

The internal linking structure, in addition to the anchor text employed in the internal links, is the way to disperse PageRank inside your own site.

Some search engine optimization professionals say that an internal link to a page has the same value as a link from an external page. That doesn't mean the site will rank with nothing more than internal links. What it means is that you could cause a page to be ranked by having internal links pointing to it even though it does not have lots of external links, on the condition that the remainder of the web site has acquired enough trust from external links.

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